Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teachers really should be armed.

Comment of the day (by AMP)
Teachers really should be armed. 
If a shooter gets into a school, the quickest way to subdue the shooter would be if a teacher takes him out first. 
Of course, there is always the possibility that a teacher could be a killer. So, the best way to protect the children in a classroom with a killer teacher would be to arm the children as well. 
No teacher would try to shoot a student if he or she knew they were in front of a class of 30 armed pupils. 
That way, no one will try to shoot anyone in a school again. Shooters would be afraid of encountering armed teachers, and armed teachers would be held in check by armed students. 
They would all in turn, be held in check by an armed janitorial staff, since they are easily the most mobile members of a school staff as they move troughout the entire school during the course of their daily duties. 
At the same time, shool bus drivers should also be armed.

Then again, all bus drivers should be armed. Not all shootings are school related. So subway personnel should be armed, too. As well as the passengers.
And if we say that a store is analogous to a classroom and a mall to a school, then everyone in a mall should be armed. But if we do that, we should arm everyone in every business establishment. 
And, seeing as people have shot and killed each other in road rage incidents, the roads would be much safer if every driver were required to carry a gun in their car at all times.
I agree with this 100 percent. Back in the days when everyone carried a weapon, no one ever got shot. Its what made the Wild West such a safe and law abiding place.

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