Monday, December 05, 2011

Prostituting the Patriarchs

Elder Abuse – Distorting Judaism and Shaming the Avos 

There is a shameful form of Tzedakah (charity) growing in today’s Jewish world that should sicken us all. Individuals and organizations prey on people’s fears and troubles, and “guarantee” miracles in return for donations. I had considered calling this week’s Sermon “Prostituting the Avos (Forefathers)”, but I felt that that would be too disrespectful.

However, a charity flyer I received recently leads me to think that that is exactly what is being done. It’s a fabrication and an outrage.

I recently received a glossy 16-page magazine that was published to encourage people to donate money to a particular religious institution...[that was] nauseating. This is selling the holy avos and imahos (forefathers and foremothers), like cheap, grubby [I don’t even want to write the word] … ready to bail out any old ganav (thief) for the right price.>Read the rest

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