Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guess what fakeRabbi Levin considers the true message of Chanukka?

Of course fakeRabbi Levin thinks Chanuka is all about the gays

 Random thoughts:
  •  When religious figures claim to be offering nothing but the truth, it always ends up otherwise.
  •  How gay is this man? "Muscle bound Olympian-type Maccabees" If you don't believe the Greeks were heavy into gay sex, go look it up on the Internet? Sure, can you perhaps suggest some of your favorite Websites, fakeRabbi? Here's something you can bank on: The nastiest social scolds almost always end up to be struggling with the problem they spend the most time denouncing.
  • As reprehensible as fakeRabbi Levin is, today he is mostly correct: The Macs did fight a war against Jews who approved of Greek ways and teachings. Their war was not, however, a war against lewdness or "institutionalized homosexuality", but a war against forward thinking and philosophy. The original Hashmonaim were country mice who fought in defense of Old Time religion. As often happens, their city mice children and grandchildren rejected the ways of their fathers, took on Greek names, and became almost everything the founders of the House despised.
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