Thursday, December 08, 2011

Glick's JPost OpEd is a Mess of Mischarecterizations (Part 3)

I have a few short notes of response to Caroline Glick's 12/5/11 oped in the Jerusalem Post. For the sake of the discussion and clarity, I'll separate my points into individual posts.  Here is part 1 and here is part 2

Continuing her slanderous diatribe against the Secretatry of State, Glick said:
In attacking Israel in the way she did, Clinton showed that she holds Israel to a unique standard of behavior. Whereas fellow Western democracies are within their rights when they undertake initiatives like banning Islamic headdresses from the public square, Israel is a criminal state for affording Jewish soldiers freedom of religion. Whereas the Taliban, who enslave women and girls in the most unspeakable fashion are worthy interlocutors, and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which supports universal female genital mutilation is moderate, Israel is an enemy of democracy for seeking to preserve the government’s ability to adopt policies that advance the country’s interests.

However, as noted in the previous post, Clinton is perfectly consistent. In the last year alone, she criticized Turkey, Syria, the Taliban and Saudi Arabi for human rights violation against women, and in language far more strident than anything she said about Israel. Moreover, she has criticized those other countries in an official capacity; her remarks about Israel's very real discrimination against women came during an informal Q/A at the end of a closed lecture. There's no indication at all that she called Israel a "criminal state" or an "enemy of democracy" and the JPost should be deeply ashamed of itself for publishing such false assertions.

Glick's line about the Taliban being "worthy interlocutors" is especially absurd. Clinton has repeatedly called for the Taliban's destruction, and the fact that she is now prepared to talk to them about ending the war in Afghanistan is not an approbation! Anyway, Clinton regards Israel as much, much more than "worthy interlocutors" She regards Israel as a firm friend and allie, and has demonstrated her commitment to that friendship in countless ways!

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