Friday, December 09, 2011

About the big Pander-to-Republican-Jews Party

If you're not Jewish, or not interested in politics, it may have escaped your notice that all the Republican candidates came, yesterday, to kiss-up to Republican Jews. It was really quite a pathetic show. In the video that follows Jon Stewart explains why:

Who do these dorks think they are fooling?

Every presidential candidate since the dawn of time has promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Clinton, W., Sr. -- all of them bowed low to the Jewish God and made this guarantee. Has it happened? Of course, not. In fact, W - the fast, and famous friend of Israel, refused even to let children born in Jerusalem put the word "Israel" on their passports. Congress passed a law requiring this innocuous bit of bookkeeping, and W. -- W! -- refused to enforce it. You'd think the slick and knowing members of the Republican Jewish Forum would be on to the con by now. For those still in the dark, let me put in plainly (and loudly) THEY ARE USING YOU! ALL THEY WANT ARE YOUR VOTES.

Some other choice bits of brown-nosing:

ROMNEY: [The president has] publicly proposed that Israel adopt indefensible borders.
(A flat out lie, as everyone but the most die-hard Republican partisan will admit. What Obama actually suggested, was also suggested by George W: A two-state solution with territory swapped to make the landmasses equal to what they were before the Six Day War. This was the basis of Bush Jr.'s Road Map.)

GINGRICH: On my first day in office, the American embassy [in Israel] would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
(No, it won't. But does Newt's little lie sound familair? It should. Here's George W. Bush addressing AIPAC: "As soon as I take office I will begin the process of moving the U.S. ambassador to the city Israel has chosen as its capital.')

PERRY: Instead, the Administration has insisted on previously unheard-of preconditions for Israel, such as an immediate stop to all settlement activity. President Obama has suggested the 1967 borders as a basis for negotiation.
(W. also called for a settlment freeze, and he also said the 67 border should be the basis for negotiation. Its all there in the Road Map. Why haven't nay of the Republican candidates for president familiarized themselves with this important, Bush-era document?)

PERRY: I feel a special connection to Israel, dating back nearly 20 years when I first visited the Holy Land. I have been to the Western Wall, that most sacred of symbols where Jewish pilgrims gather to pray today, and that has withstood the assaults on the Jewish People since the times of the early Romans.I walked in the footsteps of the heroes of Massada, a fortress of defiance symbolizing their loyalty to freedom more than life itself.
(I don't know about you, but I have an acute distaste for this style of suck-up. I know what the Kotel and Masada represent. I don't need a Johnny-come-lately-Jew-lover to explain it to me. Also, spare me the "special connection" crap. You're a politician. You'd declare a "special connection" with a ham sandwich if it was worth a few votes.)

BUCHANAN:BACHMANN: “On the day of my inauguration as president I will announce that the U.S. Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."
(YAWN. Please be smart enough to know this is a lie)

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