Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My! The hatred of the United States for Israel seems to be at an all time high!

Now what was it that laughingstock of a columnist said about the United States' relationship with Israel? Oh right. That we're no longer allies. So how does she explain this?

Apparently the joint drill is "unprecedented in size" and will include the deployment "of several thousands American soldiers in Israel." Such a message to the Islamic world. Naturally, they will conclude from this that mean-old-Obama means the Jewish state nothing but harm. 

Irrational Obama haters, you are invited to attempt to spin this at your leisure. 


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SM said...

Israel must be crazy letting the US program Israeli missiles to turn back and hit Israeli cities! It's all a plot and Bibi has fallen for it. Now is the time for our brave settler youth to attack these interlopers with the power of their pure Torah hearts!