Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Israeli Government Shows American Jews its Middle Finger

As reported first at the Jewish Channel, the Israeli government has commissioned a series of ads designed to discourage its citizens from  becoming romantically inter-tangled with American Jews. The danger, see, is that Israeli citizens might choose to settle with their new spouses in a place that has neither terrorists nor Taliban Rabbis. If too many Israelis take this route Israel will be short on cannon fodder, and the demographic advantage already enjoyed by the more fecund Palestinians will increase.

But, of course, the ads can't say "Stay in Israel or the Arabs will take over"; instead they say "Marry a stupid American and your kids will be Goyim."

Here's one heavy handed example:

If this spot has a villain, isn't it the clueless grandparents? Why are they shocked that their grandchild knows what Christmas is? She looks to be about 7 years old. Is this the first time Grandma and Grandpa have ever spoken to her? Where have they been for the last 7 years? Why haven't they told her about Chanuka? And when their son first married the shiksa, did they honestly expect the product of that union to grow up without encountering the big feast of Christendom? My kids know what Christmas is. Don't yours? Has the world ceased to spin on its axis?

In another advert, a woman called Dafna seems constitutionally unable to explain Yom Hazikoron to her boyfriend:

Again, the Israeli is the one who comes off looking bad. Dafna's guy seems to be the sort of person who can comprehend the significance of Yom Hazikoron. Why doesn't she try explaining it to him?

In a third, a cute little kid can't get his distracted father's attention until he calls him Aba.

Perhaps if father and son weren't so out of touch, the kid would know how to get his father's attention.

Anyway, the spots, as a whole are disgusting. They insult the intelligence of Israeli citizens, while also assailing the character of American Jews. That's a fine way of thanking us for our financial and political support.

PARODIES: Some fine satires of these despicable ads have been posted on YouTube. See them after the jump


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