Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Touching Moment In Waterbury

A Guest Post By E. Fink

The Yeshiva High School in Waterbury CT suffered a double tragedy a few weeks ago when two young men were killed in a car crash. The yeshiva fields a basketball team that competes with other local (non-Jewish) high schools. I think it's great that the boys can play competitively against peers from other walks of life. It's a great outlet and a great opportunity to learn about interacting with other groups, religions and faiths.

The boys canceled the rest of their games following the tragedy as the two boys who died were part of the team and the grief was greater than the drive to compete.

Last week, one of the local (non-Jewish) high schools invited the yeshiva team to their gym. They did a memorial service for the boys. They gave the yeshiva boys framed jerseys of the boys. NBA star Ryan Gomes, an alum of the school, talked with the boys and consoled them. Everything about what they did was beautiful. Read about it on VIN: Waterbury, CT - Basketball League Memorializes Yeshiva Accident Victims

Meanwhile, in Agudath Israel Land, we are hearing in screeching tones about how the GOYIM are the pechusim, she'b'pechusim, How we have to avoid interacting with these barely human animals. (These are actual quotes from the speeches that are on this blog.) It seems that this might not be 100% accurate.

We always talk about a kiddush Hashem. These high-school kids made a kiddush goyim.

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