Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two cheers for chabad

Observer says:
I have to admit, having watched video segments from both the Chabad and Agudah meetings, it was like watching a wedding versus a funeral and I'll let you guess which was which. One was upbeat, positive and rejoicing in what hashem has done for Judaism and will continue doing and the other was a nonstop cry of "Gevalt yidden" and how we've all gone off the derech and need to do major league tshuvah. Maybe next year, the Agudah will simply cancel their convention and attend as guests of Chabad (I'm sure the shalichim will enjoy the opportunity of doing some really heavy duty outreach).
Heh. I have serous philosophical problems with Chabad, but I can't disagree with this statement. Chabad, unlike Agudah, isn't about making people feel bad. Chabad, unlike Agudah, isn't about knocking people down. Chabad  wants to bring people together, under the aegis of Lubovitch. Agudah just wants to purify itself by leaving dissenters behind. See proof after the jump

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