Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Huff Post Publishes a Godol's Top Secret Anti-Gay Document

Apparently, a noted and famous RW Orthodox Rabbi has signed and circulated a well-written argument against homosexuality, together with a request that other Rabbis sign it. The document was not supposed to be publicized yet. Unfortunately, our all knowing leaders still do not quite get the Internet. Someone leaked their top secret document to Huffington Post, and now their millions of readers have been reminded yet again that RW Orthodox Judaism hates gays. Nice going guys.

My view? After the jump

The document makes a distinction between the evil homosexual agenda, and the ordinary homosexual. The former is to be fought with both fists, the latter is to be supported and counseled. This is progress of a sort. Unfortunately, the document also argues that gays can - and should - be rehabilitated through therapy, which is something research conducted by professional psychologists has demonstrated is impossible.  When Rabbis make these types of false claims, their credibility disappears. Also, I'm tired of seeing the RWO Jewish world exert itself to fight homosexuals, while so many real problems remain unadressed. In short, this is bad behavior on the part of the Rabbis, but I don't think its a new category of bad. Its just more of what we've seen before, namely junk science, misguided priorities, and an attempt to rule via pashkevil.

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