Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Jewish Street Music

Go to about 2:25 if you're bored.

First comment was a winner:

Mr. DovBear,

There are some problems with this post that you need to address in order to comply with the mandates of Our Most Holy Rabbis.

First, there is no warning that this video contains Kol Isha. If I had known this, I would not have clicked on it. Now, I have the urge to go to a restaurant (Kosher, of course) that has mixed seating. I will blame you if I accidentally glance at a woman or mistakenly speak to one.

Second, even though you are merely linking to a youtube video, you should have gone the extra Chumra Approved step and blurred the faces of the women in the video. Even greater merit would be earned by your digitally removing all of the women altogether, but the minimal compliance Our Most Holy Rabbis demand is face blurring. Doing that and muting the sound when the singing began would have put this posting into compliance with the wishes of Our Most Holy Rabbis. Instead, you posted it as is, and I both saw and heard a woman singing - and saw images of the female passengers. As a result, after going to the mixed seating restaurant, I am tempted to go to the market and buy strawberries, afterwhich I will go home and eat them and likely think about mixed dancing. The destruction of my soul, which will be the likely result of this will, of course, be all your fault.

I originally had one other complaint, and that was because at 3:20, we see a young man in a kippah. I was going to say that it was wrong of the woman to subject a male Jew to the evil that is Kol Isha. But then I realized that the young man was not wearing a black hat, and he appeared to be wearing a gray winter jacket, not a long black coat . . . so, obviously, he's not really Jewish and Kol Isha would not be an issue in his case.

I am sure that you will give these points all of the due consideration that they merit and as a result you will bring this post into compliance with the rulings of Our Most Holy Rabbis. I very much look forward to your reposting of this post in a format that will not lead my soul into further sin and destruction.

Lt. Holier Than Thou
Chumra Police of Our Most Holy Rabbis

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