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A Humble Proposal, by UNDERCOVER FRUM

A Humble Proposal, by

Unlike baby-killing liberals, we in the Pro-Life movement respect the sanctity of life. We take our motto from the Bible and proudly "choose life". And as we all know, life begins at conception. A fertilized human egg is human same as any other human and as such is entitled to equal rights, most especially the right to life.

There are some so called "pro-life" people who think that abortion should be permitted to save women's lives. This is clearly inconsistent with our policy. The right to life extents from conception to birth. If the unborn child has an equal right to life, what gives the woman the right to kill it to save her own life? The answer is simple, nothing. While I sympathize that it may be inconvenient to die in childbirth, that is no excuse to kill the baby. Some people have pointed out that the Bible permits killing in self defense, however the unborn baby is not akin to an armed assailant pursuing the woman to kill her. It is merely sitting there innocently waiting to be born. Why should the baby have to die just because the woman's body is malfunctioning and cannot handle the normative process of pregnancy? Furthermore if the woman's life is endangered it is probably because she has sinned. Why should the baby have to die for the woman's sins? Besides which nowadays we in the developed world have excellent medical care, very few white women actually die in childbirth anymore whereas millions of abortions are performed daily.

Abortion truly is the Holocaust of our times. Allowing abortion to save the woman's life is too much of a loophole. Women lie and doctors can fake evidence of a "threat" to her life. Therefore we need to ban all abortions, including those that may save the woman's life-no exceptions. After all what is one or two or even a hundred women dead in childbirth compared to a holocaust of the unborn? The answer is simple, nothing. Furthermore what kind of mother wouldn't happily sacrifice her life to save her child? What kind of a woman wouldn't sacrifice her life to stop a holocaust? What kind of creature would selfishly insist on saving her own life at the expense of of the precious unborn baby? Does such a woman even deserve to live? Of course not.
Abortion is baby killing, from the moment of conception on. Whether it is a sperm entering the ova, or a one month old fetus, or a six month old fetus, or a ten month old baby in a cradle, a baby is a baby is a baby and abortion is baby killing, baby killing, baby killing. We cannot say, "baby killing" enough.

Feminist baby killers like to tell us stories about the days when abortion was illegal and women died from so called "back alley" abortions. They claim that banning abortion will mean that more women will die. My answer to the feminists is this; SO WHAT?! Any woman that has an abortion for any reason at any time during the pregnancy is a Nazi worse than Hitler. If the baby killing slut dies in an alleyway that saves us taxpayers the expense of having to put her on trial for her crimes. It is just too bad the baby had to die with her.

Now, there are some Jesus hating liberals who say that killing a fertilized human egg is not morally equivalent to a Nazi killing a Jew or Roma. They are absolutely right, it is WORSE. The late great Mother Theresa minced no words about this. She claimed that abortion is the worst evil of all the evils in the world because abortion preys on the innocent. And she wasn't just talking about those late term abortions that women have just for the heck of it or to fit into size five jeans.She meant ALL abortion, from the moment of conception on. A woman who uses an IUD truly is more evil than a Nazi. The death of millions of human eggs IS worse than the deaths of millions of Jews because fertilized eggs are innocent, whereas we all know what the Jews are guilty of.

Now, we do not even need to talk about allowing abortion for such trivial reasons as "women's health".

There are some in the Right to Life movement who think that abortion should be permitted in cases of rape. First off, for the most part there is no such thing as rape. Women lie, plain and simple. They are promiscuous and try to hide this fact by crying rape. I concede there may be a small insignificant number of actual rapes but this is hardly worth our attention. Some pro-life people have claimed that if the so called "rape victim" is a virgin who dresses modestly and stays in the house where she belongs, and if she has been horribly brutalized, she might be permitted to have an abortion. They reason that being forced to give birth against her will might cause her further trauma. This is faulty reasoning. A good Christian virgin will rejoice in childbirth no matter what the circumstances. Only bad evil women experience forced childbirth as a "rape" from the inside out. In the end even these selfish women will be thankful for being forced to give birth when they are holding their babies in their arms. The end clearly justifies the means. So it is for the good of women that I must insist they give birth even if they have been raped or incested.

Furthermore as part of rape treatment, it maybe wise to examine the woman to make sure she has not been impregnated. If she has, then measures must be taken to protect the unborn child and see that the mother does not seek to abort and that she eats a healthy well balanced diet. We might establish birthing centers for this purpose. These centers would likewise be of help to all the fathers wishing to assert their Gaud given rights to see their babies born.

There are some metro-sexual vegan types who like to question the pro-life movements sincerity. They point out things of lesser importance in order to distract us from our holy mission. For instance, they claim that over half a million women die from pregnancy related issues every year in Africa alone. I concede this is unfortunate, but think about how many babies are born.

Other left-wing liberal commies point out that the USA has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world especially for African American babies. They like to point this out in order to force socialist health care on us. Or to try to make white Americans pay for the "sin" of slavery by forcing us to keep black babies alive. It will not work. These people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Bleeding heart liberals crying about infant mortality rates will not dissuade the pro-life movement from our mission.

A woman may not use any device that causes the fertilized egg to fail to attach to the uterine wall-this is baby killing. Thus all IUD's should be banned. In fact all birth control should be banned because it blocks the little babies from coming down from Heaven into the womb. Women do not have the right to stop the babies from entering the womb-period. They should have as many babies as humanly possible within the context of heterosexual marriage. This is their holy duty. Any woman who disagrees is unholy.

I am not just picking on the women here. Men have to do their part too. There is a lesser holocaust going on and that is the holocaust of the spermatozoa. Spermatozoa contain half the DNA of a human being. So a man who self pleasures is like a half Hitler. We need to do something about this.We can look to certain very religious types for an example. Their women cover up and dress modestly and don't sing or walk too loudly in the presence of men so as not to cause any "spilling of seed". The men and women have separate seating at their places of worship. You can tell which section is for the women as it is usually much smaller and at the back. The good religious ladies also sit at the back of the bus. Some ladies even willingly wear veils and burkah-like clothing, others are forced too. And some of the religious men have been known to erase women's images from news publications, since awareness of woman's existence may lead to unholy arousal and possible sperm endangerment. Woman's existence in general is problematic to say the least, but as of yet they are still necessary in order to produce more babies, preferably sons of course.

But there is more we can do. There maybe ways to monitor men's organs to see that no sperm are killed. There are devices we can implant that give an electrical shock if any inappropriate arousal or self pleasure occurs. Some men may find it a bit invasive having electrical devices and probes implanted in their private parts. There may even be some risk involved. But this is a small price to pay in order to save the zillions of sperms that are killed every day. Good holy men will agree and willingly submit.

In any case I digress. Now, what I am about to say may cause a bit of a stir with my fellow pro-life friends, but bear with me. As part of our agenda we in the pro-life movement need to also be pro-abortion. Let me explain. There are cases where abortion is called for. In fact it may even be our holy duty to abort certain undesirables in the name of TRUE self defense.

To elaborate, not long ago in Israel a good right-wing conservative (as in not liberal) Jewish man was excoriated for claiming that the Bible, or as they call it, the Torah, permits killing Palestinian babies. The Jew claimed that it is a case of self defense. I do not disagree, Palestinian babies can be vicious. Now here's the thing, why stop there? Clearly it would be in all our best interest to force Palestinian women to have abortions. Palestinian babies whether born or unborn are not innocent. They are all potential terrorists.Likewise there are other unborn babies that are potential terrorists. In the war of good against evil we must stop evil while it is still in utero.Good pro-life Republican Christians and our avid supporters are clearly the ones to decide who is innocent and who is not.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not actually Pro-Israel until the real messiah comes. I am an American and the muslims are a threat to our way of life. Despite this I can still sympathize with the lament of the Palestinian people who cry, "Why should we pay for the Holocaust?" and then proceed to kill Holocaust survivors and other Jewish men, women, children and babies. Just because Israel is the historic Holy Land of the Jewish people that is no excuse to steal it from the Palestinians. Stealing is a crime and it is understandable if the Palestinians want to punish it with death.

Some hippie type liberals have their rancid panties in an uproar over the so called Zionist holocaust of the Palestinians. Obviously they are Jew haters which is understandable but still, calling the Palestinian situation a "holocaust" minimizes the real holocaust, the feminist holocaust of the unborn.

Some pro-life people may argue that forced sterilization of dangerous undesirables is preferable to forced abortion.This point is neither here nor there. One thing is clear; abortion is evil except when it is our holy duty. The real pro-life people will see the wisdom of my words.

Food for thought... Speaking of which, I have a humble pro-life proposal. There is a way to utilize the babies of dangerous undesirables that will not only save lives in self defense but that will also strengthen our economy,create jobs, and feed the poor. Thus not only saving billions of lives but improving the quality of life for countless others and thereby truly manifesting the biblical exhortation to "choose life".

But for brevity's sake I'll leave that discussion for another day.

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