Wednesday, September 21, 2011

YWN attacks Obama's attackers?!

I bash YWN all the time for publishing falsehoods and appeals to the lowest common Orthodox Jewish denominator. For the most part, their articles are written by illiterate morons or stolen from reputable news sources and the comments are mostly written by drones who've outsourced their thinking to people like Avigdor Miller or Joseph Farah. When I assemble my top ten list of things that disappoint me about Jews, the fact that so many of my coreligionists revel in the dreck found daily on YWN will certainly be included.


Today the worst blog in the world ran a guest post by Charles Katz that made perfect sense, and surprisingly the first dozen or so comments offered no objection. The gist is that the Orthodox Jews who protested against Obama in front of the UN yesterday are a bunch of  ingrates who need to get out of Rick Perry's pants. Money quote:
President Obama was across the street at the United Nations working feverishly to stop the Palestinians from declaring a state, and a group of men wearing Yarmulkas publicly gather to blast the President of the United States on live television. Talk about a chilul hashem. And don’t think for one second that most of them mean this “lishem shomayim” to defend Israel. They could not care less about Israel. They care about one thing and one thing only: chanifah towards Rick Perry lest he be the next President. Oh, and as an added bonus they get to pretend that they are machers for a day by getting their photo in a newspaper with the Republican Presidential frontrunner.

What did Obama do to deserve this? Promising to veto the Palestinian State wasn’t enough? How about saving a dozen Jews in the Israeli Embassy in Egypt last Shabbos? Where is the hakoras hatov?
Quite right, and (ahem) all honor to YWN for publishing it and (cough cough) to their readers for concurring with the message.

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