Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Profiles in Cowardice

When someone asks you to condemn violence against little girls, the correct response is "Sure. I condemn violence against little girls."

Here's the exact language of the petition this Rabbi was asked to support (translated)
We, the undersigned, condemn all who performs acts physical or verbal harassment against any human being, but especially against girls wearing clothing that might not appeal to your personal taste.

We also call upon the leaders and rabbis of the Beit Shemesh to condemn in no uncertain terms all those who engage in such acts of harassment
It takes a special kind of rabbinical cowardice to refuse to sign your name to those words, and a special kind of crooked morality to justify that cowardice.

Background: This particular coward used to have some guts. The Google Machine tells me that Natan Slifkin prayed in his shul, and enjoyed this rabbi's full support at the height of Slifkingate. Later, this rabbi refused a prominent Bet Shemesh chesed organization permission to fund raise in his shul on the grounds that the organization's founder thinks child molesters should be reported to the police.

So by my count he is 1-2

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