Monday, September 12, 2011

Not making this up

To DovBear:

Been meaning to write to you about this for lots of days. It was like this. I was by my big bucher's meet the Rebbe breakfast and the Menahel was giving to us his welcome back to yeshiva drasha. We all were sitting in the dining room at the yeshiva in long rows and the Menahel, he has a big beard. I was thinking this is so much like  Hogwarts. We were all by the long tables, with the bochrim in their hats, and the Menahel, he looked a lot like Dumbledore. 

Then he started speaking to us about the big evil lurking where we can't see it but its trying to grab up all the kids and their souls so we should be very frightened and careful. Is this Voldermort I asked in my head? NO! The Internet is what he meant, but it reminded me so much the movie. 

 I guess maybe davening is like the spells, too. 

Your Number One Hasidic Fan

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