Friday, September 02, 2011

Today's chillul hashem

This occurred two weeks ago but hit Twitter this morning. It shows a guy in kosher clothes smacking the hell out of his daughter on the steps that lead down to the Western Wall Plaza. It took too long, but finally three people intervene and drive him off.

According to Israel 2, the SOB is French, and was deported from Israel. 

Here's what I see: The girl is chatting with two boys, who do not appear to be her brothers. Something is said by the victim that upsets the boys' mother, and she complains to the girl's father. He loses it while the woman who put the attack in motion turns her back in the manner of a Polish resident of Oświcim. At the end, this same stupid woman can be seen offering what appears to be a justification for the attack to one of the heroes. I don't think the idiot woman and the victim are related. When the girl is led off by the police, she stays behind with the two small boys, and continues to debate the bystanders. Even a terrible mother, I think, would feel compelled to play make-believe, and offer the girl some pretend comfort for the sake of the audience.

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