Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quote of the day (sex)

Orthodox Jewish couples are taught, once they get engaged, to have phenomenal, shout-out-loud, swinging-from-the-chandelier sex.” - Shmuley Boteach

This has appeared on two or three FB accounts I follow, and inevitably the comments ran something like this:

A: He's crazy. I didn't find anything out until the wedding day, and the information was just about what went where.
B: He's exactly right. Only we got that information from our mechneches in H.S
C: Pure propaganda. Orthodox couples are only taught what to avoid. Not how to do it right.
D: Is that why Hungarians are big into chandeliers?

In other Kosher Sex news, the proprietor of that new Torah True kinky toy store told the newspaper  that  furry handcuffs are his best seller. What's pshat? Any arm chair sociologists care to explain?

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