Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Can a guy catch up on the secular education he was denied on $100 or less

Guy I know from Face Book writes:
I'd like to ask everyone if they could help out yeshiva guys like me who like to read, but never had any useful structured secular education (other whatever they managed to uncover on their own or with the help of others).

Could y'all share a list (but try not to get carried away please) of "must read" books for folks who prefer not to remain eternally ignorant. Any and all subjects that you are familiar with, please.
Let's help the guy out, and have some fun besides.

Pretend a generous bookshop owner has given you a gift: You can have anything in his shop up to the value of $100. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, CDs, whatever. You’ve got an hour to choose what you want, and it has to be something that helps my FaceBook friend make up the deficit in his general education.

What would you buy, and why?

Let's use the prices at Amazon.comas a guide, but don't get too worried about specifics. What I'm really asking is pretty simple: How can a guy catch up on the secular education he was denied on $100 or less?

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Anonymous said...

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