Thursday, August 11, 2011

Was Baba Elazar a con-artist?

The great Josh asks:Was Baba Elazar a con-artist?

The not-so-great DovBear replies: Most likely.

A story: My friend who was down on his luck and in danger of losing his business went to this man, and was told "I've been waiting for you. Your name is known in heaven. It carries a tremendous ayin hara. But for $25,000 I can remove it" Can we speak plainly? An honest man does not talk this way. An honest man does not prey on fears and shake people down for huge sums to remove invisible ailments. And my friend is hardly the only one who had such an experience with this multi millionaire curse remover. Ask. You'll find others.

I think anyone who claims to wipe away curses, to fix names, and remove evil eyes is a con man until proven otherwise. And neither this man, nor his supporters, nor anyone else has provided proof such things are possible.

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