Monday, August 15, 2011

Cross Currents and Yaakov Menken show us again that their values are anything but Jewish

Last week, the editors of Cross Currents welcomed Tisha Bav by publishing a hate-filled screed against an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who had written thoughtfully and carefully about his personal reluctance to say a blessing that marginalizes women. (Though I happen to say the blessing on the basis that no one in our day reads the blessing misogynisticly, I don't think the cosmos are offended by someone's sincere dissent. Skip the prayer. Say the prayer. I promise it doesn't matter.)

Included in the Cross Currents screed were a few, seemingly harmless words about another Orthodox Rabbi:
Whether it be Rabbi Avi Weiss ordaining “women rabbis,” backed by a formal “halakhic Responsum” issued by young Rabbi Joshua Maroof as a participant...
For reasons that are not immediately clear, Rabbi Maroof forcefully objects to this statement, and tells us on his blog that he has repeatedly written to the nasty men who run Cross Currents demanding a correction. He has also attempted to leave a comment, but neither the request for a correction, nor the attempt to comment have been recognized. As Rabbi Maroof says:
Please let the editors of Cross-Currents know that, if they wish to represent Orthodox values, they should not be endorsing or promoting מוציא שם רע - slander and defamation - on their website

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