Friday, August 19, 2011

Skver Spins Last Spring's Fire

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Is someone in Square concerned that last spring's fire will affect the community's funding?

Certainly, that's one way to interpret the letter that went out last week under the heading "A Special Letter for Skver Followers and Friends" to some of the people who have, in the past, provided the community with money

The letter addresses "friends and supporters" and characterizes the near fatal arson attack on Aron Rotenberg as "teenage mischief". The boy "did not want to harm anyone" we're told.  Sure, he was just out at two in the morning carrying an incendiary device but, "he never wanted to burn a house with five people inside." His design was "mischief on Lag B'Omer." A funny fire. Something playful. Maybe a minor injury, like a sun burn.  Not God forbid, you know, a conflagration that nearly killed someone.

Is there anyone alive who is stupid enough to believe this? And of course, this  "special" letter (special ed)  concludes by reminding everyone that the real victim here is the Rebbe and the Square community.

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