Monday, August 22, 2011

Peek-a-Jew: Hasid seeking sugar baby

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So we see from the New York Post, that the Western World continues to influence our holiest Jews, and fill their minds with false ideas about the intersections of sex, love and money (though to be fair, long before the Western World existed,  the deal making and promises of support described below was how our holiest Jews found wives. In shadchun dominated communities, its still a crucial part of the process, only the girl's parents, not the groom, are expected to serve as sugar daddy):
....When you’re at a function whose sole purpose is to match so-called “sugar daddies” with their prospective “sugar babies,” you expect the gentlemen to pick up the bar tab — and a whole lot more.
The party, sponsored by the sugar-daddy Web site, was the “Midsummer Night Affair.” At this mixer — described by host Alan Schneider as “a very elegant, classy and refined event” — talking about money and gifts upon first introduction wasn’t taboo; it was expected....
It was certainly something. The male attendees were a bizarre mix of silver-tressed gentlemen in well-cut suits, awkward finance guys, dudes with thickly gelled hair and loud paisley shirts, and one Hasidic Jew. 
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