Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The confrontation in Bet Shemesh

The Issue:
A new school for girls is supposed to open this month in Bet Shemesh, only zealots who live nearby are opposed on the grounds that the students, who are religious, may not be religious enough.

What the Zealots Did:
After threatening the mayor of Bet Shemesh, who, at first, caved in and said he and his police force could not protect the students from the violence of the zealots (That's right true believers: A Jewish mayor is worried frum Jews might beat up small Jewish girls.)  the zealots occupied the school, and staged a sit-in.

The reaction: 

See it below. Kind of nice, really, if you forget its Jew on Jew.

Does anyone know if the zealots have a spiritual leader. I presume its the Toldos A or his brother the Toldos AY.  Have either spoken out?

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Knowledge comes from experience alone.

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