Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the immorality of Republican tax proposals

Greedy and grabby Republicans in Congress wish to take even more money away from people who have very little, and they wish to do his with the support of some people who ostensibly believe taxation is stealing. How can this not offend your sense of right and wrong?
Here's the New York Times explaining the bad math, and the bad morality behind their proposal. Money quote:
These Republican leaders, who think nothing of widening tax loopholes for corporations and multimillion-dollar estates, are offended by the idea that people making less than $40,000 might benefit from the progressive tax code. They are infuriated by the earned income tax credit (the pride of Ronald Reagan), which has become the biggest and most effective antipoverty program by giving working families thousands of dollars a year in tax refunds. They scoff at continuing President Obama’s payroll tax cut, which is tilted toward low- and middle-income workers and expires in December.
In related news, Michelle Bachmen thinks people with no money should make out checks to the IRS  because they use roads and parks. This is a little like asking the tattered and  transient beggars who pass through Jewish neighborhoods to contribute to the shul's bedek habayis. That one enjoyed the air conditioning! He took some cake from the back table! And I saw one sip some seltzer!

This is precisely the sort of pettiness Bachman recommends.

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