Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unoriginal observations about Tucson I wish to share

I suppose it is true that some on the left used the Tucson massacre to bash Sarah Palin. Largely this bashing of Sara was committed by people who dislike her and regularly mock her. Whatever was said about her post-massacre was not opportunistic but business as usual.

We saw the exact same thing after a gunmen shot up Fort Hood. If its true that the left used Tucson to point out that Sara and her coevals have injected unprecedented toxicity into the political discourse, it doubly true that the right used Fort Hood to push for the acceptance of pet policies in the name of national security. For the right, every Fort Hood style attack is Christmas because until the dust clears the right gets to bash Arabs, push for further limits on personal freedom, denounce democrats as soft terror, and strut around like some martial peacock of old using get-tough rhetoric.

Sauce. Gander. Goose.

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