Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Avi Shafran vs Al Jezeera: Who has more respect for free expression?

Al Jazeera on January 23,  2011
We know that some of what is presented [in the Palestinian Papers] will prove controversial, but it is our intention to inform, not harm, to spark debate and reflection – not dampen it. Our readers and viewers will note that we have provided a comments section in which to express opinions. In keeping with our editorial policies, we reserve the right to excise comments that we deem inappropriate, but all civil voices will be heard, all opinions respected
Avi Shafran on July 9, 2010
On a number of occasions my attention has been drawn to the fact that some of my essays posted on Cross-Currents have elicited in their comments sections negative remarks about, portrayals of, or insinuations concerning various groups of Jew... And so I have decided to disallow comments altogether to my postings.
Avi and Al Jazeera are both concerned about uncivil comments; the difference is one recognizes the value of  vigorous conversation, and the other does not. This is why Al Jezeera prefers to moderate comment threads and preserve opportunities for debate, whereas Avi prefers to ban them.

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