Friday, January 14, 2011

A Good Point in a Pathetic Article

A Guest Post By E. Fink

The evil bloggers have been attacked again in this week's Yated. Of course the bloggers are bad because they cause people to question the flaws in their community. Of course the bloggers are bad because they get in the way of the privieleged few who are permtted to have a voice. Of course the bloggers are bad because they portray all frum people as backward and evil.

Although the article is moronic for a million and one reasons, its author makes an important point that will unfortunately not get any attention becuase its container is so silly.

As part of the master plan to discredit the bloggers, the author simply says that frum Jews should prove the bloggers wrong:
Our response to those who seek to destroy our way of life must be to reaffirm our sacred values, to learn more Torah, and to learn with more hasmadah and fervency. Our response must be to be kind and considerate to our neighbors, Jew and gentile, and to make a kiddush Hashem by who we are and how we live.
We have to do more to prove that we are upright, upstanding and outstanding. That means rejecting double standards and shortcuts in integrity. We must take pains to be consistent, scrupulously honest, and fair in all our dealings. We must never skirt the law or act in a way which can be misinterpreted to our discredit.
While I may not agree with everything quoted, the idea is a noble one. If frum Jews don't want to be smacked around by bloggers, stop giving them a reason to smack frum Jews around. The author is saying that frum Jews need to clean up their act. And he is right.

That's what the bloggers have been saying all along...

Not a great article overall but this is good advice and needed rebuke.

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