Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How outrageous that Sarah Palin thinks the criticism she has received amounts to a blood libel....

...when it was obviously much more like an atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

Slate's William Saliten said this earlier today and I am happy to repeat it: Sarah Palin is a hypocrite. In her now famous blood libel video she made some hippie remark about how entire communities must never be blamed for the violent acts of the few. Uh huh. Well what about when the violent few are Muslims, Sarah? Hmm? What then?

As Saliten reminds us it was stupid Sarah who first made the ground zero mosque into a political issue, and she also refused to let up even after the mosque's imam denounced terror on national T.V. Sarah didn't care about the facts. No matter how much effort reasonable people put into explaining elementary points to her, she continued to use her Twitter and Facebook accounts to call on real Americans to do the honorable thing i.e hold all Muslims responsible for the acts of a violent few. I'm not so crass or insensitive as to refer to what Sarah did as a "blood libel" but an ordinary libel it most certainly was.

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