Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here we go again with Parshas Ha'man

Apparently, the Tuesday before Shabbas B'shalach (ie: today) is an especially auspicious time to ask God to give you money! (Or "parnasa" if you're one of those extra pious types who refuse to use English for certain words.)

In order to get the money, I mean the parnasa, all you have to do is recite Parshas Ha'mon, (the reading which describes how how God provided mon for the Israelites in the dessert, and no "mon" is not a pun on "money" though that's a funny idea; nor does it have anything to do with Jamaica, also a funny idea; rather manna, the miracle food provided for the Israelites during their journy through the desert.)

Anyway, all you have to do is read Parshas Ha'mon, and you too will receive miracle food! Sustenance will fall from the heavens! Checks will miraculously appear in your mailbox! No need to go to college, or to train for a vocation! No need to do anything at all! It will be like being back in the Garden of Eden before that lousy woman and her pet snake wrecked everything! Haha!

Just read Parshas Ha'mon and presto! instant cold hard cash!!

Or something. Keep your day job, just in case. DovBear makes no guarantees.

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More leftovers about the mon after the jump

Why do we say Parshas Ha'man? One blogsophere personality whose name will remain Gil Student suggested four years ago that "the intention of this new practice is to strengthen people's faith in God, not to discourage effort."

Well aren't we optimistic.

Actually, the purpose here is neither to strengthen people's faith in God, nor to discourage effort; rather people believe it works. That's all there is to it. They're not trying to keep you out of college and they're not trying to increase your faith in God. They just think it works.

And, ironically, God has nothing to do with it!! Not the real God, anyway; just the make believe God, ie: the one who has no choice but to act whenever someone reads Parshas Ha'man That's right the Parshas Ha'manpeople are worshiping a God so incredibly powerful he jumps at the command of human beings!

And the deterioration of Judaism into rediculous spells and charms continues...

Search for more information about Parshas Ha'man at 4torah.com.

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