Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A tale of two Torah trips to two Torah cities

If you were a Martian arriving on earth, and had nothing to go on aside from the flyers contained in this post (after the jump), which community and institution would you decide was more serious about Torah?

Of course, no reasonable person would make such a decision on the basis of flyers alone; still, the fact that the flyer advertising a YU Shabbas lists speakers and lecture topics, while Lakewood's flyer merely lists opportunities to eat and sing must mean something.

See the flyers after the jump.

As I say in comment #27, I think the true explanation for how the events were structured and promoted is as follows: Lakewood is trying to make friends, and you make friends via social events where you can hang out, not via lectures, whereas YU is trying to seem scholarly both because its a university, and because it may not have the strongest Torah reputation in some quarters.
This flyer was used to advertise Lakewood's Shabbos Chizuk in Monsey.

This flyer was used by YU to promote a similar event, the 5 Towns Shabbaton, in the local newspaper:

Search for more information about YU at 4torah.com.

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