Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why don't BHMs like feminists?

Our old friend Toby Katz says:

I will tell you something true and funny.

When I was a girl of about 20, I once had a letter published in the Sunday NY Times Magazine. In my letter I made fun of an article they had run about the need to change words like "chairman" and "manhole" to gender-neutral words like "chairperson" and "personhole." In my letter I said that maybe I should change my last name to Bulperson, or maybe Toreador?

After that boys from Lakewood would not go out with me. Why? "She wrote a letter to the NY Times, something about feminism." "Yes, but the letter was making FUN of feminists!" "Doesn't matter, she wrote a letter to the NY Times. Pasul!"

I was so exasperated that I added to my list of requirements in a shidduch, "Must be able to read and understand the daily paper."

Now, I will tell *you* something true and funny. If it werent for those feminists Toby hates, the only thing she would be writing is grocery lists and minutes to PTA meetings.

I'll never understand the animosity the average BHM directs at feminists. Probably its ignorance. They don't grok that feminism is about choices, meaning that you can choose to stay at home and have 6000 kids, if you wish. Only woman who don't wish to do that should have other options and not be locked into some predetermined role.

You'd think someone such as Toby, who can both read and understand the daily paper, would know that.

(Toby's 1974 letter to the Times is at the top right. Click to enlarge. )

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