Thursday, November 08, 2007

The point of this post is the fourth footnote

Was trapped in a car last night with a fundie, RWNJ who crushes heavily on Laura Ingraham [1]. She was on the radio, taking calls from one person after another complaining about the new alliance between Oceania and Eurasia Rudy G and Patty R. It all sounded something like this:

Caller 1: I am a Christian believer who goes to church every day, and I am deeply offended that a man of faith [2] and a minister of God such as Pat Robertson has aligned himself with someone who isn't Pro Life

Caller 2: I am deeply disappointed, praise God, that one of God's finest servants[3] has announced his support for some one who would allow the abortionist nightmare to continue.

Caller 3: Pat Robertson is a sell out, and he is gambling with the lives of unborn babies

And so on and so forth. [4]

For her part, Laura seemed to think that Patty is an old fool, desperate for relevance. She also was disappointed to see a purported Conservative betraying "core Conservative values" like gay-baiting, freedom, and intolerance [5]. I do give her some credit, though, for scoring points off Patty's claim that Rudy is "a good Catholic."[6]


[1]She claims to be a "True Conservative" yet exposes huge swaths of personal skin on her website.
[2] Try not to snort
[3] Really
[4] I want to know why Jews, weren't calling in the Leah Ingraham show, or whatever the Torah True equivalent of her show might be, to complain about Rudy getting into bed with someone who has many times announced his desire to convert us all. Could nut-job Christians be more deeply principled then nut job Jews? Possible, I suppose.
[5] Not exactly what she said, but you get the idea.
[6] Two divorces, adultery, friendly to homosexuals, pro-life, goes to church only when the cameras are there, etc.


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