Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jewish Thanksgiving to a Free Speech Champion

Khanukah is right around the corner. Ka'avu Shmonas Y'mei Khanukah elu L'hodos= "These 8 days of Khanukah were established to offer thanks/confession etc." are part of the standard Al HaNisim liturgy.

Although it is normally construed as an festival to thank G-d I'd venture that interpersonal thanks are definitely in the holiday spirit.

I want to publicly thank DovBear for putting up with me despite my being both an annoying pest, IHO "as wrong as the day is long" and, arguably, running his blog into the ground.

I know that he posted a Ban Chaim G. poll but I am now convinced that was pure shtick. As a team member he has given me the keys to his kingdom and afforded me even more opportunities to voice my contrarian unpopular views, perhaps win some greater understanding from readers who subscribe to the conventional wisdom and...maybe run his blog into the ground.

Recently behind the scenes he resisted manipulative machinations by a free speech bully seeking to silence me and to throw me out. Though he doesn't make a big deal out of it I was actually touched and moved. Thanks DovBear. Or as I annoyingly prefer to put it: Shkoyakh

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