Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knocking out some kfiradika teeth

I was reminded today of an observation I made a very long time ago but forgot to share. As my friend [who will be named on request] LittleFoxling put it:
Davening is evolving right before our eyes, and I'm not that old. When I was a kid, davening ended at shir shel yom. Now a shir hamaalos has been tacked on...
To which I responded, you nusach ashkenaz bum. How can anyone take you seriously when you end your prayers at shir shel yom when its a fact that the Jews who God loves best finish up with ein kelokaynu followed by aleinu? Furthermore, you can drop this koferdik nonsense about prayers "evolving" Only nusach ashkenaz gentiles have made that unsanctioned change. The authentic, Torah True pseudo-sefard Hassidim, [aka "God's Special Guys"] still pray according to the way the holy, and god imbued 19th century printers arranged the siddur.

So untwist your knickers.

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