Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jewish Thankgiving to a Free Speech Champion 3

Well, since everybody is getting into the act, I might as well, too. (Plus, a reassurance to DB that I will actually post something. ) Unfortunately, I have this thing called a job and another thing called a commute, so I haven't provided the left-wing red meat I promised yet. But I will, have no fear.

Anyway, even though I have no sense of havdala, and I also believe that the Hasmoneans were the Jewish equivalent of the Taliban, I do follow tradition, and if Hannuka is a time of Thanksgiving, then I will do so too.

Thanks to God for not zapping me with a bolt from the blue as punishment for my publishing those two accounts of my experience in the Divine Presence, one of which appeared on this very web site.

Thanks to Dov Bear for providing a place where Jews (and even non-Jews) of all streams can get together and talks and even argue about Judaism without getting too nasty. (Most of the time, anyway.)

And thanks to the Bray of Fundy for teaching me about.... well, about havdala.

Who is wise? He who learns from everybody.

Now y'all go get ready for Shabbos, hear? If an apikoris like me can do it, so can you!

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