Friday, July 18, 2014

To my RW friends

What follows is addressed to my friends on the right who are reasonable, intelligent and capable of disagreeing with someone in good faith. If this does not describe you please skip the post.

Dear Friends, and I do consider you my friends:

Here's what may be the best way to describe our disagreement:

I agree with you that there are red lines, and I agree that when those red lines are crossed a nation must respond with deadly force, even if innocent civilians will, predictably, be killed. Such red lines definitely exist. War is sometimes necessary and civilians will die during a war. That's inevitable

I believe we simply disagree about what those red lines are.

I think that fair, and good and reasonable people can legitimately disagree about something like that and I think such disagreements are healthy as they cause us to re-evaluate positions, consider other perspectives and to make sure that we have really got it right.

I believe that things get ugly when people who are not fair, or good or reasonable accuse one side of being bloodthirsty or war mongering while other people accuse the second side of being self-haters or appeasers or enemy-lovers.

At this moment, I do not want to argue about what those red lines are or should be. As I  said on Facebook, I am observing a temporary moratorium on arguing about Israel. At this moment, my thoughts are with the troops and I am praying for a successful mission, carried out with no errors and as few casualties as possible.

Thank you

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