Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I find Nazi values detestable, but I can understand how, given enough misinformation, enough false belief about reality, one could come to believe that they are the only salvation. Of course they have to be fought, by war if need be, but I do not regard the Nazis, as some people do, as literally pathological or insane, only as wickedly wrong, totally misguided about the facts, for example in believing that some beings are subhuman, or that race is central, or that Nordic races alone are truly creative, and so forth. I see how, with enough false education, enough widespread illusion and error, men can, while remaining men, believe this and commit the most unspeakable crimes. -- Isaiah Berlin
I feel the exact same way about Hamas and other Muslim extremists. The Exact. Same. Way. However, I can see how with enough misinformation, false education, repeated injustice, murdered children, and so on, Jews - like any other human being -  might be led to commit unspeakable crimes themselves.

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