Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Last night Facebook seemed to be over run with Jews who think it's OK to call for genocide and mass reprisals. There also were lots who think Obama somehow messed up from 5000 miles away (yet these same people give Obama no credit for saving the embassy workers). Very odd.

But after I posted the observation repeated above, I was treated to several some surprising and unexpected shows of support plus over a dozen new friends and followers and more than 100 likes on the original post. So I feel vindicated and renewed in my faith that most all Jews, like most all people, are sensible and decent. Thanks guys.

I also think its morally obtuse to hate Palestinians for "wanting us dead" right before you post about how you want to kill them all.

My favorite was the fellow who insisted that its "politically correct" to oppose genocide instead of, you know, plain and ordinary correct.

I don't understand why calls for revenge are proof the Palestinians aren't redeemable, but perfectly excusable when Jews make them. If one set of people are entitled to speak visecerally and are given passes when they are in a highly emotional state, the same courtesy ought to be extended to others.

Every time I hear a speech about how the Palestinian culture is corrupt and poisoned and needs to be wiped out, I say to myself, "Odds are there is a Palestinian who makes exactly the same sort of heartfelt and angry pronouncement whenever an Arab child is killed."  And by the way, I know the difference between targeting and protecting and I am not making any sort of equivalency between kids with bomb vests and kids on school buses (and how tedious that I have to say this!) But not all of the 1500 Palestinian children who have been killed since 2000 are terrorists. Some were playing in their backyards. Others were walking to school. And anyway a dead kid  is going to make people say things. If you're raging now and saying crazy things, you know what I mean.

I am not attacking anyone who is mourning. In fact I am not attacking anyone at all. I am simply responding to calls for genocide, in a manner I think is rather mild considering the topic is genocide. I recognize that some of that is coming from perfectly sane people who are grieving. But not all of it is, and I can't tell the difference.

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