Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am sorry to announce that I have taken the highly unusual step...

I am sorry to announce that I have taken the highly unusual step of banning someone from commenting on this site. This was done because the individual in question has shown a chronic inability to discuss my  posts in good faith, or to address me and other commenters without being rude and insulting. I also took into account the many, many complaints I have received about this person.

The final straw was his behavior on the post about Haman's crucifixion. That post was about how Jews and Christians have tended to view Haman's execution, but all of his comments - and there were about ten - were off-topic insults. That type of behavior degrades the DovBear experience, and makes it impossible for the rest of us to discuss and argue and joke about the posts. So he simply had to go.

As I say this was a rare step, taken cautiously, perhaps too cautiously as this person's desire to destroy our conversations has been evident for a while now. I apologize to the readers who told me this months ago, and for allowing the disruption to continue for as long as it has.


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