Thursday, July 31, 2014

The UN School Bombing Post You Have Been Waiting For

Yesterday, Israel hit a school that was being used to shelter refugees. The UN says that Israel was provided with GPS coordinates of the school on 17 separate occasions. Israel said they were responding to fire from near the school. At least 15 people, mostly children and women, died when the school was hit by five shells.

Crazy people on both sides are saying crazy things.

Pro Hamas people say the school was attacked on purpose, which makes no sense as Israel has nothing to gain from killing sleeping children. Also if Israel wanted to kill sleeping children, why aren't several hundred killed every night? On the other hand, IDF cheerleaders say that school was actually a terrorist base or a depot and the sleeping children were being used as shields. But this contradicts Israel's own account of the incident.

It seems clear that this was an accident, and a terribly damaging accident to boot. Will the people who committed this error be disciplined? Will someone be held accountable? If only for the sake of Hasbarah Israel should, at some later date, announce that the guilty parties received an appropriate punishment. [And if the investigation concludes a minor punishment = appropriate punishment Israel should make that clear, too.]

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