Friday, June 13, 2014

RJ fires OJ: Of course you think its antisemitism

I see on the social networks, that a Reform Temple on Long Island has fired their Orthodox Jewish Director of Education, amid accusations of insulting remarks made by the Reform Rabbi about the chosen sect of the chosen people.

Sorry but, he-said/she-said comments aside, this doesn't sound like a case of antisemitism to me. Reform Judaism and Orthodox Judaism are two very different things, and neither group should be expected to hire a Director of Education who is going to teach things to their kids that are not in line with their own beliefs. Our black hat schools don't hire MO rebbes either, and that's just fine.

An Orthodox Jewish religious teacher says her temple bosses canned her — because she was too observant and doesn’t work on the Sabbath! Ellen Gastwirth, 41, says in a new...

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