Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Friday's questions about the candle lighting idea

Received by email:
The mothers of the three kidnapped boys went to Rav Dovid Abuchatzira. He said if 3 million candles are lit for them there will be good news. The mothers ask all to light 2 extra candles this week
Sorry for being a thinker, not a feeler, but I have to ask:
  • Why 3 million? 
  • What's magic or significant about candle lighting as opposed to any other mitzvah? 
  • Did he take any money in exchange for this advice? (Probably not... This is a great advert for him and if it works he's golden)
  • What is his torah source for claiming lots of candle lighting will produce "good news"?
  • How many people light candles on a typical Friday? Is 3 million realistic? 
  • If we, chas vsholom, don't hear good news will the rabbi shrug and say sorry guys. I told you to light 3 million candles and you didn't.
  • What is "good news?" Seems a little open ended. Will he claim success if say Netanyahu steps up the search? That can be construed as "good news."
Now I hurry to point out that I am not attempting to destroy faith, or undermine religious authority, or damage whatever unity might have formed around this suggestion. The only thing I am attempting to attack or undermine is the idea that Abuchatzira is a legitimate source of information about how to win God's mercy. He isn't. He's just a guy who tells lies for money, and because the people who fall for his lies are usually poor and in pain, he's someone who should be shouted down at every opportunity.

In the merit of these questions and my attempt to expose a probable charlatan who has gotten rich peddling bogus cures and false hopes may the boys be found very soon.

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