Thursday, June 26, 2014

Knowing the mind of God

Is God using the kidnapping to send us a message? 

Well, maybe, but the problem with this approach is "the message" we discover God is sending always ends up confirming our pre existing biases and supporting whatever changes we already thought the world required. A total coincidence I am sure but for me that recurring coincidence renders the whole exercise invalid. (For instance, will anyone allow that the kidnapping might be God's way of telling us to get out of the West Bank? Could it be a mida kneged mida for how we've treated Arabs? No, of course no one will suggest those messages are what God has in mind but as messages aren't they just as viable as any other message our subjective, imperfect, self interested minds might dream up?)

Moreover, what good is a message when it doesn't come with a decoder that makes the message comprehensible? Why would God make three boys suffer for the purpose of sending us a message when realistically there is no way for his subjective, imperfect. self interested humans to figure out what it is?
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