Thursday, June 26, 2014

MKs Pray

I see, some MKs went into the Knesset chapel and said tehillim for the missing boys. Kol Hakovod. plus nice one, MKs!

Unfortunately, certain parties won't let it stop there.

For example, we're told by Cross Currents that this is "not your mother's knesset" because some MKs prayed --and with a mechitza!! Only, please tell us who BUILT the chapel, mechitzah included, in the first place? Oh right. The members of our "mother's knesset".

Next we have various parties who think its just awful the UTJ didn't participate, when in fact a handful of their members did show up. Anyway, does it really matter that the UTJ MKs missed a photo op? Why?

We also find ourselves wondering if the ARAB MKs participated? (and why doesn't anyone boasting about how the "whole Knesset said Tehillim" care to remember that the whole knesset includes Arabs?) Their absence - if indeed they were absent - bothers me more than the missing UTJ members.

Finally, let's all complain about the incredibly thoughtless way the chapel was built. Really? Men in front women in the back? Men with plenty of room, and women crowded together in a tenth of the space? Not cool, guys. And not the way to win friends and influence people either.

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