Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Great moments in AH (*the* reason for the kidnapping)

Great moments in ass hattery
"We'll maybe there is a connection between the 16 annual gay parade in tel aviv and the two 16 year old boys kidnapped. It could lead to the destruction of israel when Jews spit on the torah by making a rebellion such as this filthy parade."
I can sort of forgive the author of this snippet for believing that God shares his own personal prejudices. After all, every single one of us projects our own likes and dislikes on to God. We're all trapped in the fantasy that God understands the world in precisely the same way that we do. Our enemies are always His enemies. What offends us offends Him. And so on.

What I can't forgive is the snippet's characterization of God as a petty jerk who has a fascination with numbers and secret codes. God doesn't make a random 16 year old suffer because He's been made crazy thanks to some kind of psychological trauma caused by the 16th pride parade. God is not a villain in a batman comic book... Unless...

Hmm. Maybe he really IS a petty jerk and in the second paragraph I am guilty of the sin I decried in the first paragraph?

Great comment:Ortho Diction Watch out next year, 17 year olds.

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