Monday, January 14, 2013

Some slightly more sober sentiments on the snowball pogrom

The attack on the Hasidim by the snowball-throwing Arabs was certainly humiliating and frightening for the victims -- but they walked away unharmed. Also, they are free citizens of a Jewish state. These are just some of the reasons why it is the height of irresponsibility to compare the snowball attack to the Holocaust or to suggest it represents some slippery slope to 1939. 

A video mash-up went around that juxtaposed footage of the attack with photographs of the Holocaust. One of its creators stated aim was to capture the attention of the world's media. I don't know why he thinks the media cares about a very one-sided snowball fights that had no injuries, arrests or political repercussions  but I do know that many people are tired of hearing about the Holocaust. That's a terrible thing, and I don't condone Holocaust-fatigue, but it exists, and one of the reasons it exists is because we Jews smell burning bodies whenever someone glances askance at us. 

If you wish to capture an indifferent person's attention, crying wolf isn't the way to do it.


As someone told me on Facebook: It doesn't even equate with Hasidim throwing stones at cars on Shabbat.

As someone else told me on Twitter: too bad Chareidim only know how to pick on women and little girls, otherwise maybe they could have fought back, right?

Both sentiments are unfair to the victims, but reasonable critiques of their community.

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