Thursday, January 24, 2013

Killing him coming and going

Guy I know on Facebook is utterly and completed convinced that Barack Obama is a Marxist super-villain  who has already rolled out a sneaky and nefarious plot-of-a-bad-action-movie plan to take over the world. I kid you not.

If you're a frum Jew, you probably know people like this, too.

At the same time, my Facebook "friend" is also dead certain that conditions in our America are "eerily similar" to the Wimer Germany conditions that facilitated Adolph Hitler's rise to power. They had a bad economy and we have a bad economy(1). They banned guns and we banned guns(2). Simplistic, unworthy of a response type stuff like that.

However, being slightly deranged,  I responded anyway. (3)

In particular, I tried to address the claim that Obama is a devout God-hating secularist by reminding my "friend" about the inauguration ceremony. It began and ended with a prayer. Some of the musical selections were religious in nature. Jesus came up far too often for my taste. Obama, himself,  called on God to bless us. And Chuck Shumer even toasted the president in Hebrew!

(ICYMI Jon Stewart, a great American, ran a montage of all of the day's Godly moments. See it below)

My friend's response? Obama is a con-man! He's only pretending to tolerate religion! Once you let your guard down, thanks to masquerades such as this one, he's going to ban God and guns!.

Is there anyone out there who can't see how crazy this is? The president is only pretending to tolerate religion? Um... well, meanwhile isn't religion being tolerated? So what's your beef?


(1) Our economy is on the rebound, but crazy people haven't noticed.
(2) We have not, in fact banned guns, BCPHN
(3) As you can see, even here I can't allow the absurdities to go unanswered.

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