Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's chip in to buy Mrs. DovBear a birthday present

Ok, friends and neighbors, my pathetic annual telethon is on, and it is time to give. If the blog has given you even a moment of entertainment I ask that you support my efforts with a contribution of any size.

As in previous years, every dime I collect will be used to purchase a birthday present for my lovely wife. (Or, as she puts it, "Dimes? What does a dime buy?")  Also, as in previous years, there are many convenient ways to make your contribution to the DovBear experience:

Buy my book
War and Peace it isn't. And sure, the spelling isn't as high class as you might like. Still I hold that no better introduction to my views on the parsha is available from Lulu for 20 bucks. Read a review | Buy the book

Buy an ad
Say anything you like. Your ad can be anonymous, self serving, or both. (True fact: A few years ago another blogger promoted his blog this way and today you've forgotten all about him -- but only because he closed down his blog. For a time, you knew his name.) If you wish to be self-serving, you can use your ad for anything you like: Repeat an endearing GOP slogan, promote your Twitter feed: Whatever. If you wish to keep your gift a secret, don't reveal anything personal in the ad. Payment is processed through Blogads, and they have an air-tight privacy policy. [Same is true of Lulu, the company that sells my book.]. To purchase an ad: Start here 

Use your credit card or Paypal account
 Not hard. Also not anonymous.

Thanks, in advance. 

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