Wednesday, January 09, 2013

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Save some money when you host your next kiddush, by considering these far more affordable blends over comparable single malts

Blends that are as good as low end singles (eg: Dalmore, Linsmore, AnCnonc, Glenroth)
  • Cutty Sark 
  • Famous Grouse (contains mostly Highland Park!)

Blends that are better than low end singles (eg: Dalmore, Linsmore, AnCnonc, Gelnroth)
  • Johnny Walker Black 
  • Chivas

Blends that are equal or better than second tier singles (eg. any Glen, aside for Glenmorangie 18, and Tomintoul)
  • Johnny Walker Gold (has Caol lla in it)
  • Asyla
  • Oak Cross 
  • Spice Tree

Blends that are better than good singles (eg oban, Glenmorangie 18, Dalwhininnie, Craganmore, Mac 12 and 15)
  • Peat Monster
  • Ballantine 30
  • Johnny Walker Green and Blue
Great singles are: Lagavulin, Laphroig, Talisker, Balvinie, Battlecreek, Bruchladdie, Mac18,  etc.

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