Thursday, June 14, 2012

This week in homosexuality

This week, the IDF posted a shot of homosexual soldiers on its Facebook page and, in the manner of a suburban mom, begged people to like it:

Score! The picture garnered 8000 likes and 5000 shares, and no small number of whining and complaining comments from people who think male IDF soldiers ought to like women. Then SCANDAL ALERT it turns out the photo was staged. Only one of the fellows is gay, and both work for the IDF's propaganda office.

UM so what? Here's a little known fact, Cinderella. Your typical agitprop is designed to make a point. The IDF wasn't attempting to showcase a particular gay couple. They were attempting to boast about how accommodating they are of gay people. And just like they hired someone to write some words in the service of that point, they asked two people to strike a pose in the service of the same point.

The IDF, as we know, does this sort of thing all the time. Just off the top of my head, here is another famous IDF photograph that did not "just happen"

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